Gellan Gum

Gellan Gum

Product Description

Gellan gum is the extra-cellular polysaccharide produced by the Gram-negative bacteria-psudomonas elodea, which has been allowed to be food additive by International Food Legal Institution. Meanwhile, it has also been allowed to be the food additive in our country in 1996.

Gellan gum is a kind of microbial polysaccharide which is made up of two β-D-Glucose, one β-D-Glucuronic Acid, one α-L-Rhamnose, and it is one of the best microbial polysaccharide recently. Gellan gum has been used as suspe_nsion agent, thickener, gelling agent, clarifier, emulsifier, stabilizer, film former, lubricant, tissue cu--lture medium, etc in more than 20 fields, such as food, cosmetics, washing, petroleum explorati-on, medical, ceramics, etc.

Gellan gum has some traits as follows: 1. Little usage amount; 2. Good heat stability and resisting acid; 3. Good releasing scent; 4. Excellent gel transparentation; 5. Adjustable elasticity and hardness; 6. Good compatibility. It will take on the character of pseudoplastic fluid when Gellan gum is used about 0.01%-0.04%, and it can shape clear and transparent gum when the usage amount is above 0.05%. The intensity of gum which is generated by the usage amount of 0.25 percent of Gellan gum is the same with that which is generated by the usage amount of 1.5 percent of Agaragar and 1 percent of Carrageenin. The usural usage amount of Gellan gum, which is the one fifth to one twice of that of the Ggaragar and Carrageenin, is 0.1%-0.3%.

Product category
Our company can produce two kinds of Gellan gum: High-acyl Gellan gum(Natural Gellan gum) and Low-acyl Gellan gum.
It is the main difference of this two gum as follows:
The gel which is formed by High-acyl Gellan gum is soft and elastic, and has a good adhesive ability;
Low-acyl Gellan gum is a product which can be gotten after the high-acyl Gellan gum is specially treated. The gel which is formed by low-acyl Gellan gum is hard, fragile, high-intensity, and the gelling temperature is lower. Low-acyl Gellan gum is mostly used in industry.
This two Gellan gum above can be mixed according to different proportion, and more high-acyl Gellan gum is, better the spring and keeping water of the mixed gum is, and the gelling temperature of this mixed gum is higher than low-acyl Gellan gum.
This two kinds of Gellan gum can be respectively used in food and medical.

Color and shape
Light yellow powder
No special taste and smell
Gelling temperature
20~50 centi degree
Decomposing temperature
It will be decomposed without melting in 150 centi degree.
Gel melting temperature
65~120 centi degree
pH range
Gelling condition
Heating; Enough cation. The amount of cation and intensity of gel is samotenious in some range.

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